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All about telling stories

Memory is a funny thing.

We tell stories to others about things that happened to us. We tell stories to ourselves when we remember those things. At what point is both the memory and the story real? And where does the thing that actually happened fit into all of this?

This site is a collection of those stories. Most are true.

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We live in a somewhat rural community. (Certainly more than I had in LA and Mountain View.) Our house is at the end of a long line of farms, surrounded by and

This morning a visited us.

Ok so this was captured on my doorbell, not a

Sleeper from Buffalo to Boston. A bit more cozy than a train I took 30 years ago down the length of Italy. But this is an exciting last leg of our

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We are going to ride a home on the last day of our !

*Not actually this train

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Goodnight Buffalo

Tomorrow is the last, and perhaps most unique day of our

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