A new website

I decided it was time to create a new website.

Technically Misremembered has existed since 2018, but I didn’t properly make use of it. At the time I wanted a place were I could occasionally write some longer things, but mostly I was interested in short posts. I had just deleted my Twitter account. I was looking at Micro.blog and Mastodon as a replacement. So Misremembered was created as a WordPress site.

And it languished.

I’m trying it again. This time as a static site using the brand new Eleventy v2.0.0 as my site generator. The ideas are the same. Short and long posts.

I’m mostly a short poster. I’m using Mastodon for that. A few of the most recent show up on the homepage. Hopefully at some point I can figure out how to archive those posts permanently here.

When I’m in the mood to write something longer, that will go here.

Hopefully this time it will stick.