When your black cat gets into white paint and you’re cleaning paint swirls off the floor. #PepeLePew

Just found #OrphanBlack. It’s blowing my mind. How many episodes is it ok to watch in one day?

The length of time it takes the cat to figure out that there’s a new box in the house to be climbed in to.

Favorite overheard question: What would happen if I put a piece of Dentyne Fire and Dentyne Ice in my mouth at the same time?

“Cat! Stop eating my computer!” Who else besides me actually needs to say that?

Early morning means questioning the existence of the 105 freeway while driving to the airport.

Mountain apples are not very tasty. I would not recommend them.

Finished a 17 mile kayak trip along the Na Pali coast. There isn’t single part of me that doesn’t ache. Just ate the biggest burger ever.

You know you haven’t slipped into abject sloth when you shower and get dressed before 10am on your first Monday off from work.

First day off in 55 days. Currently maximizing laying on the couch time.